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When dabbing wax and concentration with your Lookah dab pen, the Lookah Seahorse and Lookah Seahorse Pro tips, premium 510 coils meticulously constructed to give unmatched flavour, will be your best option. These coils have been especially created to improve the flavour and aroma of your concentrates, ensuring a pleasurable vaping experience.

For optimal longevity of the quartz tip, it is crucial to thoroughly burn off all traces of concentrates after each dab. Failure to remove residual concentrates from the tip or airways may result in hardening, potentially causing damage or premature wearing of the coil.

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Discover the world of dabbing on the go with the Lookah Seahorse Coil dab pen, a stylish and inventive tool that redefines flavor and ease. Envision a vape pen shaped like a seahorse. With a strong battery housed in the body and a slim neck that ends in a quartz or ceramic coil tip. Ready to vaporize your favorite concentrates with ease? It is essential to avoid using a cleaning brush or other liquids or solvents to clean the quartz or ceramic tip because doing so could permanently damage the tip.


  • Compatible with Lookah dab pens
  • Optimized for superior flavor when dabbing wax and concentrate
  • Durable quartz tip for extended usage
  • Emphasizes the significance of burning off residual concentrates for tip maintenance
  • Warns against using brushes or liquids/solvents for cleaning

Lookah seahorse and seahorse pro plus?

With better vapor quality, convenience, durability, and versatility. The Seahorse Pro Plus is a more polished and improved version of the original Seahorse. The Pro Plus is the best option if you want the best nectar collecting experience possible.

What is the benefit of Lookah Seahorse Coil?

The benefits of the Lookah Seahorse Coil dab pen depend on which specific type you choose. As there are several in their lineup. Here’s a quick breakdown of the main advantages:

  • Superior flavor: Quartz delivers the purest taste of your concentrates, minimizing any burnt or metallic notes.
  • Smooth hits: Porous quartz evenly vaporizes concentrates, resulting in smooth and flavorful rips.
  • Faster heat-up: Quartz heats up quickly for instant dabbing satisfaction.

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