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Tired of having an unpleasant hit that is harsh on the throat? This Glyco Freeze Bong is the solution to your trouble. If you have ever thought of adding ice to your bong to make it cooler, then you should possibly try out this amazing bong.Ooze Glyco Freeze bong lets you experience the same cooling sensation in your hits without adding ice. This bong is filled with glycerin which, when freezed, gives the smoke a cooling effect before it reaches your throat.

The problem with adding ice to your bong is that the ice melts when you are trying to smoke, and the water drips directly into the bong raising the water level. And let’s be honest, no one likes to feel the water splash their lips when they are taking a hit. Luckily, this bong comes with a glycerin water pipe that is made using borosilicate glass.

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The base and bowl of this bong is filled with glycerin of your favorite color that is sure to match your style perfectly. The Glyco Freeze Bong is available in a vast range of unique colors like Mellow Yellow, Aqua Teal, Ultra Purple, Juicy Orange, Scarlet, and Slime Green. When this ooze bong is frozen for about an hour, it feels like you are smoking directly from a bong made entirely of ice as it delivers such cool and refreshing hits. However, it is recommended that you do not fill the bong with water as it can negatively impact your percolator.

The Ooze Glyco Freeze Bong is about 6.5” tall and comes with a 14mm glass bowl filled with your favorite glycerin color. The Glyco Freeze Bong also has a glass percolator which ensures that every hit you take is smooth and even and cooled down to the very max. This device can also be used with 14 mm bangers which are not included in the package.


Slime Green, Aqua Teal, Juicy Orange, Mellow Yellow, Scarlet, Ultra Purple


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