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Based on its successor, the Lookah Seahorse Max is a potent dab pen that spices up your regular smoking experience and takes it to the next level. The seahorse dab pen is a powerful device that can instantly heat up your concentrate and provide a strong hit that will have you floating on cloud 9. This wax dab pen is perfect for you if you are a fan of massive dabs that pack a strong burst of flavor and provide huge clouds of vapor.
The Lookah Seahorse is paired with a glass bubbler which ensures that every draw you take is cooled down before it hits your throat, ultimately making up for a smooth hit on the throat and providing a refreshing smoking experience. The ceramic and quartz coils used in this seahorse dab pen ensure that your concentrate burns smoothly and evenly and that every hit you take is not harsh on the throat. This wax dab pen is also compatible with 510 cartridges meaning that you can also smoke CBD oil along with dry herbs.

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The Lookah Seahorse is packed with a hefty 950 mAh battery that lasts you a long time and makes up for a long smoking session. The seahorse dab pen comes in an elegant and compact design that is easy to carry alongside you wherever you are going and makes it perfect for enjoying a quick smoke along the journey.
This wax dab pen is entirely easy to use, just like your average dab pen – To turn on the Lookah Seahorse, you will have to press the button five times. The seahorse dab pen comes with three different temperature cycles that you can quickly cycle through by pressing the button twice. Different temperatures are indicated by multiple bright LED lights – 3.2 V Green light for low temperature, 3.6 V Blue light for medium temperature, and 4.1 V Purple light for high temperature.


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