How to Recharge a Disposable Vape?

We often seek a way to save the assets which we purchase at high costs instead of losing them or wasting them in the garbage since electronic cigarettes or e-cigs or vapes are being preferred by smokers in last back years. Vapes are evolving rapidly, which are divided into two categories a rechargeable vape. Here are the 10 Best list of the Disposable Vapes. It is clear from their names one category is rechargeable, whereas another category is disposable . That means to waste it after using it, but most of the people are using the disposable vape which is going to the end of use and probably or definitely they are seeking a way to recharge their disposable vapeas the name is disposable that means to dispose of after use it.

Is there a way to recharge my disposable Vape?

A simple reply yes there is a way but that depends on which type of disposable vape you have. A rechargeable disposable vape with USB-C type can be recharged easily. If you don’t have a disposable vape with USB-C. You will require a few supplies to regain your vape. Well before discussing supplies you need to recharge your disposable vape. The following are some important things to know you must read.

  • No overcharge protection is given to recharge a non-rechargeable vape that is risky.
  • Not all disposable vapes are built to be recharged.
  •  If your vape is rechargeable, you can use a micro USB cable.
  • You might have tried to recharge the disposable vape but it is not functioning or charging. You might have used its all-charging strength.
  • If no charging port in your disposable vape it cannot be recharged.
  • Attempting to recharge could be dangerous due to the unavailability of overcharge protection which may cause overheating, injury, or may cause an explosion.

A disposable vape is not rechargeable, it is not suggested to recharge it.

Well if it comes to my suggestion I will deny recharging my disposable vape because it is already been described by its name i.e. Disposable which means to dispose of the vape after its complete use. Whereas you might charge the vape manually although it is very risky and dangerous. It is because it was built to be disposed of therefore it does not have the safety measures to safe to the battery from overheating. Which may cause overheating, electrical shock. Burning, and explosions and you should not attempt to recharge it manually if you do not have sufficient experience to deal with the electrical components.

Manual ways to recharge a disposable vape.

You required the following items to recharge your disposable vape manually.

  • Used USB charger from which you can use the wires.
  • Tweezer for handling wires.
  • A sharp knife, flat-head screwdriver or any flat, sharp, and narrow object, and a pair of scissors.
  • You will see the crack at the bottom of your disposable vape after finding it gently open it with the help of your knife. Scissors, or flathead screwdriver.
  • Take out the battery inside your vape while doing this make sure to notice how the wires are pre-installed in it because you will need to install it again the same way it was after recharging the battery.
  • You will see that the battery will be wrapped in tape along with the red and black wire. Keep both wires secure and remove the tape.
  • Hold the red and black wires with a tweezer connect them with a metal prong and make sure that the USB charger has a negative sign. The negative wire should be connected with that and do the same behavior as the positive one.
  • During recharge of the device hold wires for only a few minutes not much than that because overcharging is very risky as is briefly described in this article above there are no safety measures.
  • After charge completion adjust the tape the same way it was and simply attach the bottom end.

Rechargeable disposable vape.

Is it a good idea to purchase an expensive vape and dispose of it later? Maybe not, luckily many brands now offer a rechargeable disposable vape simply go to the vape shop and ask for a rechargeable disposable vape. Rechargeable vapes are designed to be used easily and you can use any liquid or flavored pods you want to use.


Is it safe to recharge a disposable vape manually?

It is not recommended to recharge a disposable vape because if your vape is not with the option of USB-C type charging that means to dispose of your vape on its limit completion.

If a vape does not USB C charger input in it? Can anyone easily recharge it manually?

There are manual ways to recharge your disposable vape just as opening it from the bottom scratching it with a tweezer pulling out the battery connecting it with an Android charger, and matching them with plus and negative, well if you are experienced in this process then you can easily recharge your vape manually.

Is it guaranteed that a manual way to recharge my vape will work?

Not a 100% guarantee because there is no overcharge or overheating protection built inside a non-rechargeable disposable vape. But it works most of the time.

Is it harmful to my health to recharge my non-rechargeable disposable vape with manual way?

It could be because it was designed to be disposed of after its complete use.

If I don’t want to recharge

It could be because it was designed to be disposed of after its complete use.

Inhaling vape smoke is injurious to health?

Yes, they are because they contain chemicals that are dangerous for the lungs. Vape devices provide the same nicotine taste without the burning smoke of tobacco.

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