How old do you have to be to vape?

how old do you have to be to vape? Vaping is one of the most trendy and hottest things for youngsters. It is an electronic device like a pen or E-Cigarette having nicotine with flavor and other addictive drugs in it to inhale into your lungs. Most smoking addicts try vaping to quit smoking. It is less harmful than smoking. Vaping is becoming common among teenagers. However, this product is not healthy for youngsters and has various restrictions. There is a specific age limit to access vaping tools. However, countries have different rules and laws concerning smoking and vaping.

Legal Age To Do Vaping

There is no universal age to do vaping. The tobacco law passed in December 2019 by Central tobacco groups and concerned parents differs in every country. The appropriate age to buy and use addictive products, smoking, and vaping should be 21 years old. All kinds of cosmetic drugs and tobacco product purchases are eligible for adults older than 21 years old. Although this decision applies only to countries in the US, there are different age limits to vaping. 


Top 10 countries with age restrictions for vaping

  1. China–18 Years old
  2. France–18 Years old
  3. USA–21 Years old
  4. Germany–18 Years old
  5. UK–18 Years old
  6. Canada–18 Years old
  7. Japan–20 Years old
  8. India–18 Years old
  9. Australia–18 Years old
  10. Brazil–18 Years old

Plans To Ban Flavoured Vape

Recent research shows that high school students are using vaping products more. The fact is that e-cigarettes or vaping help to overcome smoking, but students or youngsters who never smoked prefer e-cigarettes. There are 1500 + flavors of vapes, including Blueberry and bubble gum. Youngsters prefer e-cigarettes cause they come in multiple flavors. The sudden rise in e-cigarette consumption made the White House announce the ban on flavored e-cigarettes, except for tobacco-flavored products. Along with this, health concerns are a significant issue as vaping is linked to increased severity of symptoms.

Strict Restrictions

Recently vaping is trending everywhere especially flavored vapes that attract adults and youngsters. Since the rise of its intake, which ended up in a health disaster, few countries have taken action against it. Over 20 countries have stopped the sale of e-cigarettes, like Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Cyprus, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, and more. 

 Thailand has the strictest laws about the consumption and selling of e-cigarettes, whereas Norway, Canada, and Australia have severe restrictions against e-cigarettes.

Top 5 Facts About Vaping

You might think vaping is fun, but actually, it’s not. Vaping is very dangerous to our health and is one of the most addictive devices. There are the top five facts about vaping you might don’t know

  • Vape contains chemicals included in cleaning products, nail polish removers, and weed killers.
  • Vape can cause asthma, organ damage, and lung disease.
  • Vaping more than thrice a day will take you up to cigarettes
  • Vape damages physical and mental development with an increase in depression and anxiety.
  • Vape aerosol is not water vapor, and one vape contains nicotine around the size of 50 cigarettes.

Major Vaping Risks

Vaping is very dangerous to our health. It contains various risk warnings for a person. The liquid in the vape is not water. It is propylene, glycol or glycerine, and other harmful chemicals. Usually, the pack the vape contains all of its ingredients, but they don’t mention a few critical addictive chemicals utilized in vape production. Significant vaping risks include addiction, Evali, sleeping problems, chronic bronchitis, lung damage, anxiety, depression, smoking, battery explosion, and more.

Vaping also contains side effects like shortness of breath, nausea, dry throat, headache, and itchy eyes. Vaping is increasing rapidly among teenagers, a rising health threat.

major vaping

Two Types Of Vapes

Vape is a type of smoking but less harmful than real smoke. There are many types of vapes categorized under two major types: Nicotine vapes and Cannabis/CBD vapes. All the vapes do the same job with different substances and flavors.

Nicotine vapes 

Nicotine Vapes are hand-carry devices that work with Lithium-ion batteries. They are available in flavors from tobacco to desserts. It processes the sensation of smoking without combustion. It is further divided into the following e-cigarette devices. 

1. Disposable 

2. Box mode

3. Pod Vapes

4. Squonk Starter kits


Cannabis uses CBD, THC, and dry herbs to concentrate. It is powered by electrical supplies or battery power. They are in desktop and portable forms. It’s practical and efficient with maximum benefits. It is further divided into the following types

1. CBD vape pens

2. Weed and THC oil pens

3. Portable Cannabis Vaporizers

4. Desktop Vaporizers

Smoking Vs. Vaping

Smoking: The intake of burnt tobacco in the form of cigarettes creates smoke.

Vaping: It is the intake of heated aerosol with nicotine in the form of E-cigarettes.

However, both lead to dead ends if not controlled by time. Smoking and vaping are dangerous and addictive. Although vape is a little better than smoking, a high nicotine intake will make you addicted.


Q1. What age can you vape?

Ans. You can use vaping tools by 18 years old.

Q2. Is Vaping addictive?

Ans. Yes, continuous intake of vape will make you addicted.

Q3. What is vape juice?

Ans. e-juice or vape juice contains nicotine, propylene glycol, chemical flavor, and water in some cases.

Q4. What are the best vaping flavors?

Ans. The best vaping flavors are Tobacco, Blueberry, Menthol, Spearmint, Vanilla, and more.

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