Best Ooze Dab Pen Review 2024

Dab pens are one of the simplest vape devices that you can come across. Vape pen devices are extremely easy to use and have very few controls for all the basic things like temperature and voltage. Vape and dab pens are a perfect and reliable option for newbies who are not looking to spend much on a first vape.

Ooze dab pens have become a trendy alternative to old-school smoking practices due to their convenient usage, lightweight design, and portability. These Dab pens are said to be many smokers’ first choice due to the affordable price tag and powerful smoking experience. Since 2007, Ooze has pioneered unique vaping solutions and established itself. As a leader in quality products Ooze dab pens are quite simple and easy to use as they offer a straightforward vaping experience, and all you have to do is load your concentrate and vape away.


The Ooze dab pen is compatible with all 510 oil cartridges and is quite easy to replace; all you have to do is remove the top, insert the new cartridge, and change the top, and you are good to go. The top Ooze dab pen comes with a substantial battery that lasts you for a long time and makes up for a perfect smoke session along the way. The best Ooze dab pen is a perfect vape device if you are looking for convenience, portability, and a powerful smoke all-in-one device at a reasonable price tag.

Operation modes

Many Ooze dab pens come with a button-less operation, meaning you can get straight to vaping without having to adjust settings and go through the hassle of pre-heating. However, some Ooze dab pens also come with variable voltage and temperature settings that are perfect for professional vapers or people who like an intense burst of flavor in every hit.


These dab pens feature a good battery that will last you quite some time and come with type-C charging for a quick charge so that you do not miss on vaping and get to experience the best at all times. Ooze dab pens come in a slim and sleek design, which makes them easy to slip into a pocket or bag easily and makes them an ideal option for a quick smoke on the go.


The interface on the Ooze dab pen is pretty straightforward, just like your usual vape pen; you have to click five times to turn it on and off and two more clicks to activate the pre-heat mode. Along with a voltage dial to adjust the voltage as you please. Holding down the power button while vaping is not necessary at all as the dab pen is draw-activated in many cases. However, in the case of button activation, you will have to hold down the button while you vape.


Voltage Settings

It is recommended that you start at 2 V when using oil cartridges, but if you are not feeling the hit, then you can surely go up according to your liking. However, we advise you not to go over 3.5 V so that you do not burn your coil out and sustain the life of your vape. This dab pen has intelligent technology that will turn off the vape device after ten minutes of inactivity. If you are not taking a hit for more than ten seconds, the pen will stop providing power automatically to keep the coil from burning out.

Design and Build

The Ooze Dab pens are available in a wide range of eye-catching color combinations and pocket-friendly designs. Ooze dab pens turn heads with their funky, eye-catching designs, keeping your dab rig as fresh as your latest drip. These dab pens hold up incredibly well thanks to their robust construction, meaning they’ll stay by your side for the long haul. Despite the build being strong, the dab pens are featherweight and do not seem like something that will break apart after a month or two.

Vapor Quality

Talking about the vapor quality, the Ooze dab pens are known for making huge clouds of vapor and providing a strong surge of flavor in every hit. These dab pens use dual-quartz atomizers which may be a bit outdated, but they sure do the job well in this price range and provide a good and premium smoking experience. Some of these dab pens have two coils that burn the concentrate smoothly and evenly, which makes up for a stronger flavor in every hit and produces huge clouds of rich vapor.

Overall Experience

The Ooze dab pens are a good option if you are a newbie or someone who prefers a quick smoke now and then. These dab pens are no different than your typical dab pen. Instead, they come at a lower price and offer much more reliability than the other cheap knockoffs in the market. However, if you are much of a professional or a regular vaper, then you might want to go for a pen with greater battery life and one that has more features than this. Budget-minded occasional smokers seeking a smooth dabbing experience won’t find any hassle with this Ooze pen. It hits the spot without breaking the bank

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