RAW- Best Raw Rolling Papers, Raw Cones, Size & Pre Rolled Cones

RAW Classic Black King Size Slim Natural Unrefined Ultra Thin 110mm Rolling Papers (50 Packs)


Raw is one of the best rolling paper manufacturers that has been offering slow-burning rolling papers along with other smoking accessories which will enhance your smoking experience and make up for a convenient and hassle-free smoke. Raw is one of the top selling rolling papers that is loved by customers all across the world. The only reason why many people prefer Raw is that Raw cones are made from natural materials and are free from all sorts of toxic and harmful substances. Raw rolling papers are entirely organic and are made purely from hemp fibers and hemp-based gum; They are absolutely tobacco-free and contain no synthetic substances – not even synthetic gum. Raw aims to be one of the best rolling paper brands and is constantly bringing innovation to the smoking industry with nothing but perfection in mind.

Raw cones come pre-rolled so that you can skip directly to the good part and don’t have to go through the trouble of rolling a blunt. Raw pre-rolled cones are a go-to option for many sophisticated smokers as they want to avoid the hassle of rolling and go straight to the fruitful part. Raw pre-rolled cones may be one of the best investments that you will make as it will save you a lot of time and energy that you waste on rolling your blunt. Once you experience the luxury and grandeur of the Raw pre-rolled cones, you will surely forget every other rolling paper and only stick to Raw.

Raw cones come in a variety of sizes that range from the primary 1 ¼ size, which holds 0.75 grams, to the enormous Challenge size, which is a huge cone that can hold about 71g of concentrate. Raw cone sizes are bigger and better than any other rolling paper brand out there. A mid-size Raw cone is also present for people who neither like their blunt too small nor too big. It is the Emperador raw cone that can hold about 3g of concentrate and makes up for a perfectly balanced smoke sesh. Raw cone sizes are unmatched and provide a wide variety for people who can not stick to smoking just one size and like a change from time to time. Raw Rolling paper is a perfect choice for you if you are a consistent or professional smoker, as Raw offers nothing but perfection. With Raw rolling paper, you will feel like a king and experience a smoke like never before. Once you go Raw, there is no going back, as the Raw pre-rolled cones will have you hooked due to their smooth, slow, and even burn and them being free from all sorts of external flavors, meaning that you will only be tasting your herb and nothing else.

Raw also offers a wide variety of rolling trays for the ease of smokers so that they can conveniently roll their blunts without spilling the concentrate all over the place. These Raw rolling trays are entirely easy to use and are made using solid metal. These metal rolling trays make up for a clean smoking experience without getting your place dirty


1. Where to buy raw cones?

Raw rolling papers can be easily found at your nearest shop or gas station.

2. Where to buy pre-rolled cones

You can comfortably find Raw pre-rolled cones at your nearest convenience store, gas station or smoke shop.

3. How to use raw cones?

Using a Raw cone is relatively straightforward as you get to skip through the rolling process. All you have to do is hold the cone firmly and fill it up with your concentrate using your fingers, tweezers or any other cone-packing accessory. Although, you should be careful while holding the cone because if you hold the cone too tight, you might end up ruining the filter. 

4. How to pack a raw cone?

Packing a Raw cone is no difficult task; all you have to do is keep a firm grip on the cone, load it up and smoke away

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