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Puffco is one of the most rapidly emerging vape brands in the market currently. The brand takes pride in its clean, simple, and flavorful vapes, pods, and related smoking devices that allow smokers to feel a smoking experience like never before. Puffco started back in 2013, after which they put a great effort and used the best technology, adapted simple and elegant designs, and brought together the ultimate engineering to craft the leading vape brand that we know as Puffco today.

Puffco is the home to many smoking products that may include vapes, pods, e-rigs, and related accessories. Puffcos products are great for beginners and professionals alike as they come with state-of-the-art technology that is entirely easy to use and handle. One of Puffcos best selling products is their Puffco Peak, which is the best concentrate vaporizer as it is made using the best technology and consists of many useful features like intelligent temperature calibration, 20 seconds heat up, and fast charging. The four unique heat settings that let you toggle between whether you are looking for an intense burst of flavor or just want to make big thick clouds of vapor. However, if you are a fan of a more modern and convenient user interface, then you should probably go for the Puffco peak pro, as it comes with many unique features like wireless charging, bluetooth compatibility, and real-time temperature and LED control using the Puffco app.

If you prefer a more convenient version of the Puffco vaporizer, then you should probably give the Puffco proxy a try, as it is a small vaporizer made especially for on-the-go dab smoking and provides the same smoking experience as the Puffco vaporizer. The Puffco Plus might interest you as well if you are into hassle-free smoking along the way, as this dab pen is the most worthwhile concentrate vape pens that you can find on the market. The mouthpiece of the Puffco Plus is combined with a splash guard, a loading tool, and a carp cap all in one that protects your concentrate from spilling all over the place and makes up for a neater dab session. The Puffco Plus is the perfect concentrate vaporizer that you can carry around easily if you have a decent choice of herbs.

If you are a clumsy fellow like me, then you should most likely opt for the Puffco hot knife as it is the ideal tool that will make your wax handling better and prevent dirty dab tools and keep wax from falling onto your clothes. This device is an electronically heated device on which you place your wax, hold down the heating button for 3 seconds, and your oil drops right into your dab without any mess.

If you want to smoke your favorite herb outside of your house and don’t want to carry a water pipe all the way around, then the Puffco cupsy might be the perfect solution for you as this Puffco product is a water pipe that is disguised as a coffee cup that you can conveniently carry around. Puffco Cupsy is the ultimate herb bubbler as it has a high-performance bubbling system and consists of a ceramic bowl that preserves the taste of your herb and goes into a hidden compartment when not in use.

And if you are on the lookout for good and reliable atomizers, then Puffco has you covered there as well, as their Puffco atomizer is perfect for your Puffco peak. The atomizer is free from all sorts of toxic substances like coils, glues, and plastics which makes it a safe and reliable option for your vaporizer, and it comes with a ceramic bowl that offers the maximum flavor and a perfect heat profile.



1. How to use puffco peak?

Charge the device before using it. Fill water in the glass till just above the air holes while it is separate from the base. Align the air hole on the glass with the air path on the base and push the front end of the glass into the base and then the back. Turn your device on and fill it with the concentrate of your preference. Wait 30 seconds after pressing the power button twice to finish the heat cycle. Inhale and enjoy.

2. How to clean puffco peak pro?

Unload the components of your atomizer and clean the gold pins of the atomizer with a cotton swab first so that you can ensure a proper connection. After that, clean the air path on the base. For a thorough clean, place your atomizer and glass in 99% isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes and allow it to dry completely. Rinse the glass with water properly to remove any alcohol remains. Place your components back and enjoy.

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