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The Yocan LUX 510 Threaded Vape Pen Battery is a reliable and user-friendly device designed for vaping enthusiasts. Its alloy body ensures durability and a premium feel while lightweight for on-the-go use. The variable voltage setting allows you to adjust the temperature to your preference, eliminating the need to remember color codes. With a 400mAh battery capacity, the Yocan LUX offers several hours of vaping. It can be easily recharged using a micro USB cable.

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Yocan LUX Battery Vape Pen:

The Yocan LUX Battery Vape Pen features a pre-heat function, heating your oils and wax concentrates without vaporizing them, and a 15-second cut-off feature for safety and battery conservation. Its 510-threaded connection makes it compatible with various cartridges and atomizers, allowing you to explore different materials and flavors.

Perfect for newbies and professional users alike, the Yocan LUX 510 Threaded Vape Pen Battery provides a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience. Its sleek design, reliable performance, and wide compatibility make it a top choice for vaping enthusiasts.


  • Pen-style alloy body for durability and a premium feel
  • Variable voltage setting (1.8V to 4.2V) for customizable vaping experience
  • Easy-to-use twist control for adjusting the voltage level
  • Visible temperature profiles on the dial, eliminating the need to remember color codes
  • 400mAh battery capacity for a few hours of vaping
  • Micro USB charging for convenient recharging.
  • Pre-heat function to melt materials without vaporizing them
  • 15-second cut-off feature for safety and battery conservation
  • Wide atomizer compatibility for using various cartridges and coils
  • Yocan Lux Plus variant with a larger size and 650mAh battery capacity
  • Yocan LUX Max variant with 900mAh battery capacity and USB Type-C charging
  • Yocan LUX Max available in multiple colors (Black, Silver, Red, Gold, Blue, Yellow, Green, Teal, and Purple) for personalized style
  • Open cartridge setting for compatibility with various atomizers and cartridges
  • Wide coil and atomizer compatibility for customization
  • Versatile for use with e-liquids, oils, waxes, and concentrates. Allows users to find their preferred flavor, vapor production, and satisfaction

Lux, Lux Plus, Lux Max


Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Black Green Spatter, Black Red Spatter, Black White Spatter, Full Color, Pinkl Black Spatter, Purple Black Spatter, Sliver, Teal, Teal Black Spatter, White Black Spatter, White Red Spatter


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