Stringer Detox Buzz 5x Extra Strength Drink 8 FL OZ

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Blazinsmoke Introduce The Detox Buzz 5x Extra Strength, the most formidable personal cleanser currently available. Utilizing the same ingredients in our regular Total Detox products, this unique formula is meticulously concentrated to be FIVE TIMES stronger, ensuring an unparalleled system cleanse. Specifically designed for individuals exposed to high levels of toxins, The Buzz requires a toxin-free period of at least 48 hours before use to maximize its effectiveness.

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Stringer Detox Buzz 5x Extra Strength Drink

Detox Buzz 5x Extra is a powerful cleanser that is made using 100% natural ingredients, offering exceptional cleansing results. This Stinger Detox Buzz 5x Extra Strength Drink contains the same ingredients as regular detox products. Apart from the fact that this drink has a more concentrated formula. It is five times stronger compared to any other detox drink.

This detox drink will instantly cleanse and rid your body of all sorts of harmful substances. Performing the deepest cleanse for your system. The Stinger 5x Extra Strength Drink is ideal for people who are heavily exposed to toxins daily. The drink requires you to stay at least 48 hours free from toxins to deliver the best results.

The Stinger Detox Buzz 5x Extra Strength Drink is made with naturally found ingredients that include MSM, Niacin, D-ribose, Taurine, and Lysine, boosting the natural toxin removal processes of your body by increasing vital elements like amino acids and essential vitamins. In addition to cleansing your body, this detox drink has added benefits which include enhancing your physical and mental health, giving your body a boost of energy, and making you feel more active in your everyday tasks.

To get the best results from Detox Extra, it is advised that you avoid all sorts of toxins, milk, and any other dairy products for over 48 hours and then consume the drink. You are required to drink the whole bottle of the Stinger Detox Strength Drink 60 to 90 minutes beforehand the desired time of cleansing. Refill the same bottle with water continue to drink it over time and repeat it four times throughout the day.


  • Unmatched potency as the market’s most powerful personal cleanser
  • The formula is five times stronger than regular Total Detox products
  • Delivers an exceptional and thorough system cleanse
  • Tailored for individuals with significant toxin exposure
  • Requires a 48-hour toxin-free period before usage

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5 reviews for Stringer Detox Buzz 5x Extra Strength Drink 8 FL OZ

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Liam (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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    Very fast delivery.

  4. Daniel (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  5. Tyler (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

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