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Esco Bars is a famous disposable vape, and delta products range that took the world by storm when vapes became trending. Esco Bars was established in early 2019 and was started by the renowned brand Pastel Cartel. They have been providing their customers with quality vapes and have been progressing in technology and innovation and working to make the world a clean and green place that is free from cigarette smoke.

Esco Bars is known for its fruity and refreshing flavors; some signature Esco Bar flavors are blueberry ice, Pink lemonade, and Cotton candy. Esco Bars provide a wide range of disposable vapes and pods that come in different puff ranges, i.e., 2500 puffs, 5000 puffs, 6000 puffs, and many more.

Esco Bars offers a wide variety of flavors that ranges from sweet dessert flavors to delectable fruity flavors. Esco Bars also come in refreshing blends of multiple flavors, which provide a great vaping experience as you get to experience a different flavor at the start, in the middle, and at the end. The flavors containing mint also provide a cool and soothing feeling in your throat, along with a fresh fruity touch in every hit.

Esco Bars have come up with a whole new variety of flavors as they have collaborated with Fruitia, which is an e-liquid manufacturer. Fruitia and Esco Bar bring a whole new variety of succulent vape flavors that come with a 5% nicotine volume and in two puff ranges, i.e., 2500 puffs and 5000 puffs. Some of these flavors are Jungle Juice, Peach Watermelon, Rainbow Cotton Candy, Watermelon Bubble Gum, and Caribbean Breeze.

If you are new to vaping or a habitual smoker who is looking to switch to a healthier alternative, then Esco Bar vapes might be the perfect thing for you. Esco Bar vapes are entirely convenient to use and can easily fit in your pocket or be carried around. Esco Bar vapes make up for an overall hassle-free smoking experience and provide you with the ultimate smoking experience that you deserve.

You can go for the Esco Bar Fruitia series that comes in the 2500 puff range, which is perfect for beginners and for people who want to quit smoking due to its limited puffs, which makes you want to think twice before taking a puff. However, if you want to go for a disposable vape that lasts you some time, then you should probably consider the Esco Bar mega, which has a puff range of 5000 puffs which is perfect for people who vape habitually.

These Esco Bars Pastel Cartel come with a limited e-liquid that is pre-filled in the vapes and pods and lasts approximately till the puff range. The Esco Bars Pastel Cartel come in different variants with rechargeable batteries, and some come with a battery that lasts till the e-liquid does. Esco Bars Pastel Cartel vapes are one of the best choices if you are looking for a disposable vape that comes in a wide range of mouth-watering flavors.

Note that all these disposable vapes come with a 5% nicotine volume. Therefore, it is advised that you consider your state’s laws before buying any of these products in order to avoid any possible legal issues.

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