Top 10 Arabic Hookah Shops in the USA

Sheesha, often known as hookah or shisha, is essentially an apparatus for smoking flavored tobacco. It has long been a staple of Middle Eastern and South Asian civilizations, and it is now loved everywhere in a variety of social contexts. A traditional sheesha is made out of a base that is filled with water, a pipe with a hose attached to it, and a bowl into which the tobacco is inserted. The charcoal that is placed on top of the bowl heats the tobacco, and the smoke travels through the hose and the water before being consumed. Additionally, the following top 10 Arabic hookah shops in the USA are discussed:

1. Best Buzz Hookah

Primarily, Best Buzz Hookah has been considered one of the most astounding and ravishing Arabic Hookah shops in the USA. It is situated at 3812 Astoria Blvd S, Astoria, Astoria, New York 11103, US. The company is categorized in the tobacco shop and hookah store categories, with 190 reviews, it has a 4.8-star rating on average. They offer home delivery and also in-store buying. Additionally, it is the best location to buy all of your hookah supplies, with fantastic prices and a knowledgeable and helpful owner.

Best Buzz Hookah

2. AA Hookah & Shisha

There is no need to search any further than AA Hookah and Shisha in Las Vegas, NV, if you’re seeking for the best hookah tobacco store that provides top-quality hookah goods and services. They offer a wide variety of tobacco goods such as Modern Hookahs, Shishas, Egyptian Hookahs, Disposable Hookah Pens, Hookah Accessories, and E-Hookah Pens. They are producing a top-notch smoking experience. They offer great customer service and knowledge of distinctive, high-quality products offered by hookah businesses. To ensure that you have the most productive and pleasurable smoking experience possible, they are dedicated to offering the newest goods at the greatest pricing on the market. Moreover, the company is categorized in the tobacco shop and hookah store categories, with ample of reviews, it has a 5.0-star rating on average.

AA Hookah & Shisha

3. Arabica Tobacco

Arabica Tobacco is considered another best Arabic Hookah shop in the USA. The shop is located at 8453- F, Tyco Rd, Vienna, VA 22182, United States. This remarkable shop shares a 3.8 stars rating along with 95 Google reviews. Arabica Tobacco provides a wide range of Hookah Accessories, water pipes, tobacco, cigars, and vapor pipes. Moreover, they use only the highest-quality materials to construct their hookah pipes and accessories, and they rotate the collection of shisha tobaccos to guarantee that your order will be delivered at its peak freshness. Not only this, but they offer the fastest shipping as their orders ship out within a similar day if the order is placed before 3 pm. They provide the topnotch hookah They have the best customer service and you get 100% happy every time you contact them.

Arabica Tobacco

4. Arabia Café & Hookah Lounge

Arabia Café & Hookah Lounge has been considered one of the top-notch Hookah Shops and Lounges in the USA. The place is based in Chicago. In a Moroccan setting, there is a hookah bar with light meals and flavored tobacco, along with belly dancers and BYOB. If you talk about the environment, the shop offers a classic ambiance. They provide a great range of Shisha services, wifi, and classic charcoals. In addition, the shop shares a 3.4 stars rating along with 309 Google reviews.

Arabia Café & Hookah Lounge

5. Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge & Shop

Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge & Shop is a Middle Eastern spot for hookah smoking, entertainment & dancing, with the option to bring outside eats. The place is situated at 1224 Roselle Rd B, Schaumburg, IL 60195, United States. The shop shares 4.4 star rating along with 389 reviews. It is known as an extremely good place filled with a cozy relaxing atmosphere.

Arabian Nights Hookah Lounge & Shop

6. Al-Omda Hookah

Al-Omda Hookah is lavishly draped, carpeted hookah lounge & shop which offers fruit bowls, snacks & nonalcoholic drinks. The place shares a finest 4.5 star rating along with 122 good Google reviews. It is situated in 818 W Broadway Rd #111, Tempe, AZ 85282, United States. If you wish to have a smoking experience which you never had before then that’s a place must visit where you can enjoy the Egyptian hookah in a very relaxing and social atmosphere. It is one of the coolest lounges, having a cozy décor, competitive price, top notch service, and low key. Al Omda Hookah lounge offers a premium hookah smoking experience like nowhere else!

Al-Omda Hookah


SHISHA CENTER has been considered one of the biggest and best Arabic Hookah shops in the USA. The center is located in Houston, Texas. The services it provide is in-store shopping. It is a treasure island, everything you need for your hookah is present all at one spot. Moreover, the store shares a 4.8 star rating. Not only this, but they also provide a wide variety of the hookah’s mixing flavors.

shisha center

8. Hookah Argila Shisha Plaza Wholesale & Retail

It is one of the best Arabic Hookah shops and tobacco suppliers which is situated in Houston, Texas. With regard to hookahs, shisha, hookah charcoal, a variety of hookah smoking accessories, and premium flavors of hookah tobacco, ARGILA is a well-known retailer and distributor. They guarantee the lowest prices for hookah/shisha accessories because they are the only supplier offering the top products. Moreover, they can assure you that the things you purchase from their platform will only be of the highest caliber.

Hookah Argila Shisha Plaza Wholesale & Retail

9. House of Khalil Mamoon

House of Khalil Mamoon is another top quality Hookah store based in Houston, Texas. The place offers an in-store shopping. It shares a 4.8 star rating along with ample of reviews. Moreover, it is a hookah manufacturer from Cairo, Egypt. Since 1873, Khalil Maamoon has been manufacturing hand-made hookah water pipes. They provide a great deal of Shishas, charcoal, Hookah Accessories like bases, bowls, brushes, trays, wind covers and hoes, all within a reasonable prices.

House of Khalil Mamoon

10. The Hookah Station

The Hookah Station is considered one of the top best Arabic Hookah shops situated in Richardson, Texas, USA. They provide an excellent customer service along with an excellent prices offered, and knowledgeable Staff. Moreover, their services and products includes a wide range of Hookahs, Shishas, Disposable Vapes, Hookah Accessories, and Hookah Charcoals. The Hookah Station is the premier smoking establishment, so look no further.

The Hookah Station

To sum up, these are top 10 best Arabic Hookah Shops in the USA which offer a wide range of high-quality products, including hookahs, tobacco, and accessories, from popular brands. These Arabic Hookah Stores are known for their excellent customer service, offering support via email, and contact.

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